Wednesday, October 13, 2004

iBook Battery

Oooh, lookie! This battery for an Apple iBook laptop is shown as PC Compatible! Complete with the Windows XP logo!


Anonymous said...

Hey, according to the SF Gate, this twat would make the corrections:

"[Maria Alquilar] has agreed to sign a contract promising to correct the blunders but refused to return until her vociferous critics have calmed down."

What really bites is that she's getting extra money!!
"She will receive another $6,000 -- plus expenses -- to change "Eistein" to "Einstein," "Shakespere" to "Shakespeare" and "Gaugan" to "Gauguin," among other mistakes."

While killing this bint is illegal-dammit-it's really irritating that she clearly hasn't shown any remorse for her mistakes. Cunt.

Anonymous said...

Wrong post. >_<