Thursday, December 09, 2004

You Will Be Assimilated

Well, today I was assimilated.

I have an iPod now. 20GB $279+tax at Costco, which works out to $300 plus some coins. So for the same price as one of those no tax and free shipping web sites, I got mine without having to wait for it.

The amusing part of all this, of all my PC-using friends who got iPods with their PowerBooks, I'm the one who got the HP iPod. Me, the Mac user since 1984. Go figure.

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Anonymous said...

I too have been Ass-imilated. I now have an Applea(not HP) 40 gig iPud. Spermy white. Loaded with video game music from CDs legitimately bought.

Costco had the 40 gigers for 379+taxes and BS. I got mine for 369+taxes and BS.

Dad is considering getting one as a replacement to his old JAZ drive to boot.