Monday, November 29, 2004

Missing Blogger Feature

Did you notice that Blogger doesn't put the date a comment was posted to an entry, just the time?

EDIT 12/3:
I figured out that you have to change your timestamp format settings under Settings - Formatting, then it will work. Yay. But it's slightly annoying, since the date info is redundant on the blog itself, since the date is listed above the post. I would like to have the time only on the blog, and date and time on comments.


Manly Chef said...

Yeah I noticed that too. Strange..

-Sherief (who posted this at 9:33am 11/30)

David said...

Well, right after I posted the entry, I wandered around Blogger and found the "email support" link which includes a feature request option. So it's sent.

30 Nov

David said...

I wonder if its the template? If you look, the comments in your blog have the date, but mine doesn't. Hmmm...

1 Dec