Saturday, November 06, 2004

Vote for Me Calls

On election day and the day before, I received a total of four phone calls that contained pre-recorded messages asking me to vote to re-elect President Bush.

The first was on November 1st, a pre-recoreded message from the President himself asking me to vote for him.

The remaining three were all on November 2nd. Two were the same pre-recorded message from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The last one was an unidentified woman with a Hawaii-oriented message. Amusingly, this was about a half hour after Hawaii's polls closed.

I suppose I should mention that I sent in my absentee ballot a few weeks before the election.


Manly Chef said...

I still don't get why Ahnuld ran for Governor as a republican. And how he could endorse a moron like Bush.

David said...

As to why he's a Republican, I don't know. But I suspect he endorsed primarily because of party lines. Hawaii's Republican Governor Linda Lingle also endorsed Bush, but like California stayed a Kerry state.